5 Amazing Cocktails You Can Enjoy in Lincoln

5 Amazing Cocktails You Can Enjoy in Lincoln

You’ll find many different types of bars in Lincoln where you can enjoy some soothing drinks and have fun. Some host live music while a few others have a long list of cocktails. There are bars that show live telecast of the best sporting events on big screens for sports lovers. 

One can always find some fabulous spots in this American city to grab a drink or two. This is one of the most fantastic ways to enjoy nightlife during your time spent in Lincoln. When it comes to drinks, the state has a lot to offer in cocktails. Let’s take a look at some of the best options:

1. The Whiskey Sour

This drink is made with whiskey and carbonated grapefruit soda. Sometimes a sour mix is used instead of carbonated grapefruit soda, but it still packs a punch. Savoring this drink in a dim-lit room of this bar would be a quite an experience. The staff of Barrymore’s would be happy to offer you the best drink of your choice as well.

2. The Long Island Iced Tea

Doc’s Place has excellent varieties of cocktails in its list, which gives you a reason to visit this bar. Many ingredients goes into this drink, so you must be prepared to have a filling treat. It is prepared by using a blend of vodka, triple sec, tequila, light rum and gin. 

You’ll be surprised that there’s no tea in this drink. This cocktail feels a lot more balanced than any of the bottled varieties. Among them are some of the best Long Islands offered as a part of their finest selections.

3. The White Russian

Yet another cool cocktail from Doc’s Palace, The White Russian is made using cream and Kahlua vodka. It is served chilled in a glass and has a pleasing creamy texture. Apparently, it is not a favorite among the patrons. This may surprise you, considering the fact that the drink was featured in the movie ‘The Big Lebowski’. 

It is essential that you don’t end up getting drunk. To avoid getting into such situations, you can have non-alcoholic drinks in between. You can also eat a hearty meal in advance. If by any chance you get drunk, get a ride arranged to your place of stay.

4. The Classic Martini

Martini is the only drink, which was named after the glass used to serve it. A glass of martini mixed with vermouth is the most basic form of the drink. Then comes the addition of gin or vodka as is the tradition. Some don’t like gin, while others appreciate it and might’ve even consumed several varieties of it. 

The Classic Martini is the signature drink of Starlite Lounge, which makes it worth trying. They know how to present it in the most attractive way. You’ll get this drink chilled with a few olives for added excitement.

5. Gin and Tonic

This cocktail is another great offering of Starlite Lounge. It is created by mixing gin and tonic water and the lime wedge is used for garnishing. If you’ve liked the lime flavour, you can also try a cocktail with natural lime flavours at Starlite.

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